Neotek was founded in 1984 to computerize video-rental outlets, so naturally Virtual Reality was the next step...

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John Urbanic
Technical Director
John deals with bugs, improvements, features, flaws, imperfections, errors, faults and any manner of defect with our software, hardware and sometimes staff. He invites you to contact him with your suggestions and questions, and is always happy to discuss any projects or endeavors, your or ours. No, he's not giving out his home phone number, but you can email him directly at any time about anything.

Audra Shal BS,MPAS,GPA
Audra earned a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master's degree in Physician Assistant studies from Chatham College. She will be working in Norfolk, VA as a Neurosurgical Physician Assistant. Since she is involved in the medical field, she realizes the importance of a comprehensive clinical anatomy reference. Also, the new images were created with the student in mind as she chose images displaying anatomy pertinent to clinical practice. Audra began working on developing Human Anatomy Lab, Version 1. Her responsibilities included creating the 3-D images and authoring slides for the Brain chapter. Currently she is an editor/author for Version 2.0, which involves choosing and creating a more in depth anatomy reference and her work can be seen in ten of the chapters in Version 2.0. For those neuroscience enthusiasts, a neuroanatomy CD may be available in the future. She has more ideas for future versions and other projects and would welcome any input or feedback at

Chad Peterson BA,MPAS, PA-C
Chad is a certified physician assistant. He graduated first from Anderson University with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemistry, and then from Chatham College with a Master's degree in Physician Assistant studies. He currently works for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Chad began working with Neotek for the development of the Human Anatomy Lab, Version 1.0, and has been a major force in the development of the exciting new Version 2.0. He helped in the 3-dimensional image-creation and authoring. Quite simply, his job was making the content pleasing to your eye! He also provided an important clinical perspective in the selection of various images and labeled anatomy. Chad welcomes your comments, suggestions, and/or feedback. Email him at

Andrew Clarkson
Optical Engineer
Andy has been instrumental in developing and evaluating the Neotek system. Any of our customers can tell you how good our systems looks, but Andy can put it into numbers (three decimal places even)!


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