Neotek Base System
and Accessories

You will need a separate Base System for each computer that you wish to run Neotek titles on, and you will need a pair of Glasses for each student. Everything else is strictly optional:

Base System

CD Titles purchased separately. Comes with Sampler CD.

The NEOTEK Base System is your passport to the world of virtual reality and is required to run the growing library of virtual reality modules available. It uses your Windows PC, and installation is a snap! Simply pop the video processor between your computer and monitor and plug in all your Liquid Crystal glasses. The Base System includes:
  • Video Processor
  • 1 Pair of Liquid Crystal Glasses
  • Sampler CD with excerpts from some of the most popular NEOTEK modules
  • User Manual and Installation Guide

System Requirements: Windows PC and 120Hz capable display with VGA inputs. Note that this includes all CRT monitors, some LCD flat panel monitors and some projectors

Suggested Retail Price: $345

Extra Liquid Crystal Glasses
You will want to have enough electronic Liquid Crystal Glasses for every student to participate. If you have 8 computers in your lab, and have 24 students, one option is to purchase 8 Base Systems and 16 additional glasses to have everyone covered. 10 pair LabPaks allow you to save money. Glasses work well over prescription glasses and can be individually adjusted. They are sturdy enough for younger students and include a 15 foot wire tether.

Suggested Retail Price: $115
10 Pair LabPak: $950

Wireless Upgrade Kit
Our wireless glasses package includes an infra-red transmitter that plugs into the Base System and can share its power supply. This unit can transmit to up to 10 pair of wireless glasses and can be used concurrently with wired glasses.

Suggested Retail Price: $595
Extra Wireless Glasses: $225
10 Pair LabPak: $1990

The wireless glasses are high-frequency (120+Hz) microprocessor controlled and battery powered with folding temples and a power button. They will automatically shut off when cut off from the transmitter. One pair of glasses are included in the wireless glasses upgrade package, and additional pairs are purchased separately.

PLEASE NOTE The wireless glasses are not as robust in design as the wired glasses due to the need to include a power supply and microprocessor inside the glasses. They can not withstand the types of treatment typically encountered in the learning environment. In addition, they require periodic replacement of thier batteries and are more susceptible to theft due to the lack of a tether. Consequently, we do not recomend these glasses for typical academic environments, and their greater price should not be construed to deliver superior image quality to the excellant quality of the wired glasses.