The Composer is a 3-dimensinal multi-media authoring system. It is used to construct full-featured 3D presentations for use with the Presenter. The Composer is MS Windows® based and is so simple that the only time you take your hand off the mouse is to type in a label. We routinely train people to combine a 3D subject with their own narration and labels in 30 minutes.

The composer allows you to take a 3D image and add:

You can take these "slides" and sequence them with others, then organize them into a series to create a presentation for a single lecture or a semester. You can even add questions and orient a presentation for a lecture or for a self-paced tutorial. The Presenter will automatically treat the same series differently depending on which of the modes the user has selected.

The Composer package includes the KnowledgeVision composer authoring software, the Presenter presentation playback software, the NEOn 3D image creation tool and the NeoLook quick slide viewer. It comes with the basic hardware package to convert any compatible PC into a KnowledgeVision Authoring and Learning workstation.