Educators have been using our authoring software to create their own custom modules, and this is the same tool used to create our best selling educational CD's. Now independant authors and publishers can create their own Neotek modules, or customize existing CD's.

Neotek's authoring system consists of two packages: a student program, the Presenter, and an authoring program, the Composer. Generally, you purchase the Presenter for each computer that you want your students to use with your custom material, and a Composer for any authoring that you wish to do. Of course, with extra glasses you can have multiple students share computers, the same as for the standard educational CD's. Of course, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions reagrding what you need. We love to help.

The Presenter Package

Institutions use the Presenter the classroom and library to either present 3D lectures to students or provide them with self-paced tutorials including built in 3D quizzing and full multimedia capability. It is the same program that drives all of our educational CD's, only with the ability for you to customize it to the content you creat with the Composer. It requires the NEOTEK BASE SYSTEM to run.

The Composer Package

We add authoring software to the Presenter package to create the Composer. The Composer allows educators to customize pre-authored materials from our Educational CD's to suit their preferences, or to develop full multi-media presentations from scratch. These materials are then distributed for use with the Presenter. It's all just point-and-click. No previous multi-media authoring experience required.

Also included with every Composer package, is the NEOn image creation tool, for educators that would like to photograph, scan in, or even computer render their own 3D graphics. You take real materials, models, or other real subject matter that is physically at your facility and turn them into true 3D images with the use of a normal camera. These materials can then be authored into full multi-media presentations with the Composer. Don't let the fact that we don't have any 3D images of suits of armor in our Educational CD series keep your Medieval Armor class from being in 3D.

Since the Composer package includes one copy of the Presenter, the Composer, and NEOn, it needs only the NEOTEK BASE SYSTEM to do just about anything.

These two packages provide every user, from the confused student to the busy Professor to the ambitious author, with precisely what they need to take advantage of 3D technology. Everything is Windows® based, which means point-and-click ease of use.

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